a solo concert was exciting!

Our concert went satisfied.

It was a special day for KONI.

His dream was collaboration with KEISHO OHNO.

He was following that dream for ten years.

This day his dream came.


a solo concert !

We held a solo concert in Osaka.

It is a big event with more than 3 hours.

We showed our songs over 20 songs.

A wonderful guest will be invited to this event.

Shamisen player I met in Washington DC.

Keisho Ohno”.

It was a wonderful event!


Concert in historical playhouse!

We had a concert at the oldest playhouse in the Kinki district.

"Eirakukan" was the most suitable theater for us.

This was able to fully demonstrate the concept that we cherish.

The manager also gave us a good evaluation.

This is a tremendous happiness.


Taiwan tour is success!.

We interacted with a wonderful young band "Orchid sword"

Furthermore we did the second year challenge in "Yokai village".

This time, we brought a dependable group.

They are Japanese "Samurai Katana" action team.

"Benizakura Kenbukai"

We succeeded in entertaining customers of Yokai village.

#taiwan ture 2018.08 movie​  #"yokai village"live movie


Taiwan tour in August determined!!

We will go to Taiwan from 10th August.


On August 10th we will perform at the clubhouse in Taichung.

This is the first time for us to perform at Taiwan's clubhouse​"SOUND".

On August 11th and 12th we will perform in "Yokai village".


We will act with the Samurai Sword dance team.


The concert was a great success.

We performed twice in "Sakuramatsuri".

A lot of spectators came to see.

They applauded our performance.

Our sales booth has a long queue,


people asked for our signature and photography.

And all the CDs we brought were sold out.


I can think that I am a great success.


Appeared on "Sakuramatsuri" in Washington.D.C

April 14

We will perform at "sakuramatsuri" to be held in Washington DC.
We will go to America to the fourth consecutive year.
On this day we will have two performances.

Next day.
April 15
We will perform at "National Harbor"


CD for foreign sales has been completed.

We currently sell three kinds of CDs in Japan.

However, it is difficult to move to a foreign country with three kinds.
So we made a CD dedicated to selling abroad.

Based on the songs of the latest album,

I selected a good song from among the other two albums and added it.

18 songs are recorded on this CD.

Please enjoy our music.


Published in music magazines.

We were published in Japanese music magazine.
It is a magazine specializing in lock "WeROCK".

We are introduced as a metal band with Japanese appearance.

In addition, our songs were recorded on the bonus CD.


"3rd music collection" released on sale.

Our third music album was completed.
The most exciting songs on our show are also included.
We also download sale.


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Storyteller Japanese KIMONO rock band "Kanadete Sourou" 

We are a kimono wearing, Japanese style band.

We combine Hard Rock and Japanese traditional style melodies in a unique way.

We are a rock band.

But we use vocals, guitar, base and drums in our music, rather than traditional Japanese instruments.

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