"Kanadete Sourou" is a rock band founded by the leader, Koni.


Later he was joined by the vocalist Oyumi, the drummer Jun.


And ​guitarist Kotsuo, Nakaya appearing as a group.


We perform live with the historical background of the Meiji and Taisho Eras,


dressed in traditional Japanese clothing such as kimono and hakama.


We are a unique band mixing tradition with modernity.


We write our own lyrics and music which are inspired by Japanese folklore


and traditional tales and novels, with the wonderful modern rock sound.



The songs and figures of "Kanadete Sourou" contain a lot of Japanese culture.


Our costume is a genuine Japanese kimono.


OYUMI is a professional kimono dresser.


She is teaching to wear kimono properly.


KONI fox mask is a real "Noh" mask.


This is very valuable as a traditional craft.


Every song has an in-depth story.


They are made with reference to the literature that has long been known in Japan.


If you are Japanese, it is a story that you have heard somewhere as a child.


In other words, "Kanadete Sourou" is packed with old Japanese culture.


And we have a good, bright and fun performance.


Even if you don't understand words, you can convey the fun of music.


We understand that the most important thing for the festival is "to entertain and delight the audience.


Our performance can be happy across nationalities, men and women, and ages.


All the organizers who invited us highly valued us.


The organizer who saw this does not have to worry.


Please give us the best job.