3rd Music collection

1 The funny man KUMOSUKE

2 Brigand song

3 Oni musha

4 The stories of OHKOUJI

5 Daiman sama

6 The cursed brush

7 Fireworks boy

8 The plum tree (new remix)

2nd Music collection

1 Treasure Island

2 Assassin of crow


4 Samurai

5 Dancer of blue eyes

6 The Falconer

7 Tomboy three sisters

8 YOSHIWARA Kitsunemai Jinku

1st Music collection

1 The YOKAI parade

2 The legend of  INANAKI

3 The Steam Locomotive man

4 Wharing song

5 The plum tree

6 The curse of ORYO

7 Road to Maiko in AZUMA

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Storyteller Japanese KIMONO rock band "Kanadete Sourou" 

We are a kimono wearing, Japanese style band.

We combine Hard Rock and Japanese traditional style melodies in a unique way.

We are a rock band.

But we use vocals, guitar, base and drums in our music, rather than traditional Japanese instruments.

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