■Music Video■

The funny man KUMOSUKE


This song is about "funny thief".
This thief was quicker in the town than anyone.
So no one was able to catch it.
But he was a bit stupid.
So, he was always failing.
Eventually, he could not steal anything for his life.
However, he was loved by people because he was nice personality.

YOSHIWARA Kitsunemai Jinku


This is a song about "Fox's Praying Dance". 

The laughing fox God descended on the ground and gave people happiness.

People love this fox God a lot.
Eventually the fox god went to Yoshiwara in Tokyo.
And he founded "Kitsune Kagura" there.

■Road To Maiko In Azuma


This is about a song of "Maiko" growing.

"Maiko" is the stage before the Japanese dance music pro "Geiko".

Maiko sends the days to endure hard training.

They are going to cry and escape many times.

But to endure it.
A bright and gorgeous world is waiting for them.